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Protect your business at all times.

Protecting your business from cyber-crime should always be your biggest priority. You’ve probably got security covered in your office already – all of your computers have anti-virus software; you use a secure VPN and your data is stored away safely.


But what exactly is a VPN?

A ‘Virtual Private Network’ gives you online privacy & anonymity by creating a private network from a public internet connection.

VPNs hide your IP address so your online actions are untraceable. Most importantly, VPN services establish secure and encrypted connections to provide greater privacy than even a secured Wi-Fi hotspot.


Why do you need to use a VPN you ask?

Browsing the web or transacting on an unsecured Wi-Fi network means you could potentially be exposing your personal information and browsing activities. Which is why a virtual private network, more commonly known as a VPN, should be a must for anyone concerned about their online security and privacy. Especially from a business point of view.


When preparing for a potential office shut down, you may need to provide your employees with equipment and infrastructure in order for them to complete their duties from home. When doing this, it’s best to take this approach: If it’s not secure, there’s no point in having it.


In addition to a virtual private network, you should also consider a range of other security precautions such as: multi-factor authentication for all accounts and business accounts to protect information;  ensuring that all employees are using approved devices; ensuring that strict rules are enforced relating to anti-virus software and downloading obscure files if they are using work devices.




It’s our belief that you should have the best solutions for your business.

We’ll get to know your business so that solutions can be tailored around your operation.   We are commercially savvy, so we will always aim to find the most cost-effective, time-efficient solutions that meet your technical/performance requirements.  If you feel that your data isn’t being backed up correctly, please get in touch.