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Having a full IT department on hand to deal with any issues that arise can be expensive. On the other hand, it’s also critical to the success of your business to have that constant IT support. This puts many companies in a tricky position, and somewhat of a catch-22. However, Cloudscape are here to help take the load off.

Here at Cloudscape IT Support & Solutions, we provide fully managed IT support services and IT consulting to help your business run smoothly and to its full potential. We tackle and overcome all IT issues as quickly and effectively as possible, meaning IT problems won’t hold your business operations back.

Market-leading IT Support solutions

Whatever it is that you need support with, we will be able to find something to suit you and your business.

With our wide range of services and expertise, we are able to build a package around the needs of your company, take a look below at our range of high-quality IT services:

So, as you can see, we have a lot to offer your business with our managed IT support, but if you’re still unsure about what exactly it is that you need, don’t worry. Contact Cloudscape to discuss your requirements and our experts will be happy to advise and offer free advice.

You should also get in touch to take advantage of your FREE IT Network Support Audit by calling 0207 952 8123

What Is Managed IT support?

Managed IT support simply means using an expert IT service provider like Cloudscape to remotely manage the IT needs of your business. By using our service, you will be able to focus your business resources on the demands of your day-to-day operations, without needing to worry about the issues and costs that may arise with your IT systems.

You can trust Cloudscape as a leading IT support company based in London, we offer outstanding fully managed IT support services to all businesses, no matter how big or small.

Cloudscape provides managed IT support to businesses in the city and greater London, with remote IT support also available anywhere in the country. We offer fast, smooth, and cost-effective tech support and managed IT services, with bespoke packages to match to your business requirements. Our team are friendly and knowledgeable and speak in a language you understand without confusing jargon or technical terminology, working only with your interests at heart.


We are experts in Managed IT support and all other IT services, and we are here to help your business. We offer specialist IT services, office relocation and project management, and much more. With over 30 years of experience delivering high quality, efficient, and cost-effective IT services in London, Cloudscape can help you today.

Our hardworking IT services team are highly qualified and experienced in Microsoft, Apple, and Cloud technologies and work with you to ensure a trouble-free experience for all your IT support requirements. So, you can get on with business as usual while we deal with the IT side of things – saving you both time and money in the process.

Saving time and money are not the only advantages of using our managed IT support, however. Take a look below at some of the other benefits of using our managed IT support service:

  • Disaster recovery & Business Continuity: We understand that losing data means losing time and money, so whatever the disaster, we’re here to help.
  • Up to date: It’s our job to constantly update your IT services so you really don’t need to worry about your systems becoming obsolete.
  • Expertise: You get the benefits of a fully qualified and experienced IT team without needing to hire your own.

And the benefits don’t stop there – find out more by getting in touch and discussing what you would like from a bespoke managed IT service.


We also offer a fully managed Cloud hosting service, with full backup and support available. We strive to provide excellent levels of support and management to our clients, ensuring a secure and reliable platform for all your business IT needs.

Cloud services are an effective way to manage your data for various reasons – including the following benefits:

  • Cost savings: For example, once your business is setup on the cloud, whenever you start a new project your team will have easy access to the necessary data. This saves your business both time and money.
  • Security: You may worry about security when moving over to the Cloud, however, it can actually be much safer to keep sensitive information off-site. Not only that, but the Cloud is constantly monitoring security for that extra piece of mind when it comes to safety of your systems.
  • Mobility: You can access the cloud anywhere and from any device. This makes it highly effective for those with different offices, freelance staff, or if the need to work from home ever arises.
  • Quality control: Storing all your businesses documents in one place means all employees are accessing the same data. This means you have a true record of updated documents and less likely to incur human error.

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We offer a fully managed Cloud hosting service with full backup and support. We strive to provide excellent levels of support and management, ensuring a secure and reliable platform for all your business IT needs.

By using our fully managed IT service, we give you all the benefits of having an in-house IT team, but without the cost and distractions your own staff might face. This means you have the best of both worlds with both fantastic IT support and no extra overheads.

We invite you to talk to us about cloud opportunities and how we can help you. Just give us a call on 0207 952 8123 for a no obligation review of your current arrangements – we promise not to speak jargon or tech speak.