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Office IT Relocation & Office Moves

Professional office & IT relocation services and moving service working in London and surrounding areas.. Cloudscape IT Relocation provide a dedicated, expert relocation service for all your IT, server and PC moves across London. Our skilled IT professionals will seamlessly move your IT systems with no disruption for your business

Moving office is a crucial moment for most companies and It’s really not practical to handle their own office IT relocation services. The sheer complexity of planning, moving and relocation together with upgrades and new hardware makes it a precarious task.

Don’t cheap out on relocation fees, that’s how you end up with broken devices! Instead, trust the professionals.

Office IT relocation services for London

For many business the thought of office moves and IT relocation is a daunting task. Added to which, moving IT and telephony systems is complicated and disruptive. Its effect on productivity causes a multi-department headache, and is usually no fun for anyone.

Project management for office moves – IT relocations and installations

Office IT relocation services can be challenging and costly even if you’ve done it before. At Cloudscape we have a dedicated IT project management team who have overseen hundreds of office moves and IT relocation projects.

Office relocation is becoming more common as businesses grow and technology changes. The potential for major disruption or even a complete crash is ever present.

Fortunately our experience in the field of office IT relocation and server relocation services ensures that our office IT move will be uneventful and even a positive, quick experience. With tons of happy clients in our portfolio, we’re confident that we’re the IT relocation company that can take a daunting, irritating experience into one that you barely notice. This allows you to focus on the things that matter more in your day to day during the transitionary period.

IT relocation is a breeze

Having managed office IT relocations and server relocation services for various companies, from 5 employees to 150, we are very comfortable in managing all the issues involved in making IT moves smooth, well planned and efficient.

Leave your next IT move to the IT relocation company that are focused on delivering a great service for you. You likely have enough to worry about in the day to day without worrying about moving.

When you work with Cloudscape, we take the time to understand your business’ needs and make sure that we cover all bases to ensure that when it comes to the big moving day you’re prepared.

We’ll go through an initial call, where we can gain the information we need from you.

Then we’ll plan the move, and when ready, run it past you and tell you what we’ll need from you in preparation.

On the big day, we’ll turn up – and handle your move with ease. Simple!

Cost-effective relocation and office moves

Don’t waste money on your IT relocation if you don’t have to. There’s no need to.

When you work with Cloudscape, you won’t have to.

We’ll undertake all the required site surveys, deal with all the contractors involved and ensure that the entire infrastructure and network is in place for your staff to sit down on the next working day without any distraction.

Our experience, technical expertise and attention to detail will ensure that your IT equipment will be handed correctly, installed, and fully functional. We’ll make sure it’s all of that – while being within your budget!

We can also arrange for all ancillary services, cabling, and telecoms to be installed, up and running at the same time. This means that you experience minimal downtime, and can get back to operating as quickly as possible despite moving.

Our IT Office Relocation services:

  • A thorough pre-move consultation
  • A dedicated IT relocation manager
  • Site survey to specify the location of all hardware and desk points
  • Computer and Server relocation
  • Migration of phone lines and internet
  • Full backup and security
  • Step by step update on status and progress