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We understand the unique nature of your industry. We’ve worked with businesses across the Finance sector for a number of years including accountants, Bookkeepers and Independent Financial Advisors.

We know how vital IT is to the daily running of your business with an increasing reliance on your technology. Data protection & compliance legislation is only getting more complex. The number of clients you engage with is growing. Your client list per accountnant is expanding, your team needs access to their emails and files wherever they are, and your data needs to be more secure than ever before handling confidential client information.


Understanding your pains

Your team needs to stay focused on delivering for clients; and we know how incredibly frustrating under-performing IT is to you and your team. This under performance often results in lost income, productivity and, in the worst case scenario, lost business.

Outdated Software

Time is money. Your need for high performance is more crucial than for most other industries. Large & high volumes of documents and files need increased network, workstation and server performance and storage capacity.

Compliance changes

With your clients often spanning weeks, months, or often years, any data loss can be catastrophic to a client’s accounting history. Ensuring your team’s work and progress is protected and secure throughout.

Limited Access

Your auditors, analysts, administrators & partners all need to be able to access email and files wherever they are; whether that be in a meeting room with clients, at the bank, or working with the chief financial officer, all without compromising on security.

Who else we help

“I have worked with Cloudscape on several projects and their service and attention to detail has always been excellent. The projects have been consistently managed and delivery throughout has been to the clients satisfaction every time.”

Gary CrillyNM Cabling Data Cabling

“We have relied on Cloudscape for over eight years as our IT support provider. Over this time we have grown significantly and have had quite a number of IT projects handled with great confidence. This has ranged from office moves, to setting up satellite offices, to installing new servers across the board.”

John NewtonEcology Consultancy

How we help

It’s so important for our clients in the finance world to have a solid foundation for speed, reliability and security. Maintaining your IT is an essential requirement and understanding what to upgrade (and when) can be a real challenge.

Not having a file when you need it can sometimes mean payments can’t be made, which could mean the difference between a good week or a bad week.

Best Solutions

Source the best solution for your technology requirements, whether it’s software or data security.

Fully Supported

Fully supported by the most efficient, cost effective solutions to ensure they can provide the highest quality service and response rate as possible.

Secure Data

Keep your data secure with our multi-layered approach to cyber security giving you piece of mind.

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