Mimecast; Email Security with Targeted Threat Protection

It’s nearly 2020, it’s time you took cybersecurity seriously; particularly your email security.

Every company is under threat. Whether you’re small or large, Cyber-criminals are out phishing and unfortunately, you’re the main target.

Now you’ve probably heard of the term phishing, but do you know how much damage it can cause, without you or anyone else being aware of what’s going on?

Probably not.

As you would’ve guessed, the term ‘phishing’ is wordplay from the more commonly known ‘sport’, fishing. But instead of fish being caught out by simple bait, it’s you.

Often find a lot of junk mail in your inbox?

On the most part, it’s harmless, just your usual spam from retail stores, trying to lure you in to spend all your hard-earned money. Although you’d be better off spending it there than giving it away to a cyber-criminal.

Get rid of all the rubbish and you’ll be left with some emails you’ll struggle to delete, either down to who it’s from or how accurate the subject is.

This is where you’ll either continue on with your journey or take a dark turn into the unknown.

Phishing is carried out through email, masking as someone else and tricking you into entering your personal details into their malicious website. Others will then either run scripts to take control of your computer (without you even knowing) or download & install malicious software.


So, what’s the deal with Email Security, is it any good?

Yes. With email being the most important communication platform for a business, it is the application most susceptible to attack. With approximately 60% of inbound email categorised as spam or containing commodity malware nowadays, its vital you up your game.

To put a barricade up will stop you from ever receiving any emails ever again! Therefore, it’s vital that you smartly manage & filter your email to protect your valuable data at all costs.

This is where Mimecast steps in.

Working in the background, analysing your emails continually and creating a secure email gateway.


Why you should use Mimecast Email Security

Targeted Threat Protection will aid you with all your emails, giving you the following and more:

  • URL Protect

The use of malicious URLs in email targeted spear-phishing attacks is now standard for Cyber-criminals. Combined with sophisticated, well-researched content, getting employees to click on links is disgustingly easy for attackers.

  • Attachment Protect

With evolving methods of attack, intelligent attackers are always changing the way they lure you in. Malicious documents are a commonly known strategy to infect your system, with attachment protect, they won’t even make it to your inbox.

  • Impersonation Protect

Impersonating your boss, or even your accountant. Building layers of trust and lowering your guard, all in order to persuade a fraudulent wire transfer of all your income. Impersonation Protect specifically protects against these types of sender spoofing and socially engineered attacks.


Get email secure.

The reasoning to upgrade and protect your business couldn’t be any clearer. Cybersecurity is always on the rise, with not only phishing as mentioned, but ransomware and many other threats.

Thankfully, Mimecast Targeted Threat Protection covers all the areas of email that you’ll need.

It uses multiple, sophisticated detection engines and a diverse set of threat intelligence sources to protect your business.


Want to get the best solution for your business?


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