Hybrid Cloud London

Hybrid & private cloud solutions for London

Cloud systems are becoming increasingly important not only from the point of view of the economic benefits but, crucially, with regard to the greater security offered by these systems.
However, not all businesses want to jump into cloud systems feet first. For many companies it’s not right for their type of business or they may have perfectly functional infrastructure in place already.

Cloudscape offer a Hybrid Cloud system that is easy to integrate into existing infrastructure and is particularly suited for businesses that would typically work with large file sizes that must be retrieved locally for speed of access.

Cloud System for Business

Cloudscape’s Hybrid Cloud system allows business data to be synchronised in real-time with the cloud. Cloudscape offer a Hybrid Cloud system that is ideally suited for businesses in the creative & design sectors that would typically be dealing with large file sizes.

Hybrid Cloud System advantages include…

  • Access and share files offline or online from any location and with any device
  • Easily synchronise files between offices in real time
  • Securely backup files in the hybrid cloud
  • Store data and administer centrally for visibility, control and security
  • Eliminate File Servers and unreliable remote connections to the office
  • Easily expand capacity – offers flexibility in operating your business