The Cloud is fantastic.

There are literally thousands of different aspects and operators of Cloud-based services to select from; providing you with a safe, flexible and responsive working environment to truly work from anywhere.

Wherever we choose to operate, we’ll have issues with our data security, privacy and backup. You could have the most complex of Cloud infrastructures and still be vulnerable to tomorrow’s cyber-attack.

Therefore, we will always need complete backup, irrespective of the type of IT we use.


But you shouldn’t use it as a backup.

As we’ve already agreed, the Cloud is an IT concept that provides great freedom for the modern-day workplace. Nevertheless, many mistakenly assume that by working from the Cloud and by no longer having their data sat on a local physical disk or server, their data is safeguarded and backed-up as normal. This sadly isn’t the case.

It is a common misunderstanding that taking the single copy of your file data from that old office server and stockpiling that copy within OneDrive or Google Drive will alleviate all your backup woes.

The use of current Cloud services, such as Microsoft’s Office 365 or Google’s Apps environment, provide only a single storage location for your data and do not back up your files as basic.


What about a physical or local copy?

We’re not saying step back in time and change your operating methods to old fashioned ones through anxiety of having numerous copies of your data.

In fact, by manually replicating files and storing copies in multiple locations will only create a mess of a backup configuration & run without any computerized schedule.

From a backup viewpoint, working from the Cloud as a single location for your file data should be deemed with the same consideration of having a file server in the office still. In-line with the best practice of the ‘3-2-1 rule’, it’s critical to run a skilled backup service to replicate that data to at least one (if not two!) alternate independent location/s.


What should we use then?

There are trustworthy services available that incorporate directly into Cloud platforms, such as Office 365 and GoogleApps, and routinely back up all your file data (and even things like emails) to an alternate encrypted Cloud-based storage location.

Your team benefit from the capability to continue to work as they always have, with peace of mind that should they suffer a loss, corruption or failure of the company’s chosen Cloud service, that file data can be restored immediately.


We’re Cloudscape.

We believe you should have the best backup solutions for your business.

We’ll get to know your business and determine the most appropriate solution to meet your technical requirements while being commercially sensible in cost and productive with time.

If you feel that your data isn’t being backed up correctly, please get in touch.