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Levelling-up your business’ efficiency – The Challenges of our new working world

2020 has been a challenging year in the business world. The Covid-19 pandemic has thrown businesses in most sectors into a period of rapid change – those who are willing to rise to the occasion and innovate are those most likely to survive this continuing period of uncertainty. Flexibility, agility, efficiency, resilience…the recipe for survival […]

Over 43,000 Phishing Emails Slip Through NHS Security Filters

More than 43,000 NHS staff have been hit by phishing emails over the past few months, as they battled to save patients infected with COVID-19, a Freedom of Information (FOI) request has revealed. Think tank Parliament Street asked NHS Digital for the data on spam and phishing emails from March to July 14. A spokesperson confirmed to Infosecurity that […]

Incident Response Exercises Not Taken Seriously by Business Leaders

Only 2% of organizations have run incident response scenarios related to the pandemic response. According to research by Immersive Labs of 402 organizations, nearly 40% are not fully confident in their teams training to handle a data breach if one occurred, and 65% of exercises consist of reviewing PowerPoint slides. In an email to Infosecurity, Heath Renfrow, director […]

Human Error Threatens Cloud Security

Virtually all security professionals believe that human error could put the security of cloud data at risk, according to new research published today. A survey commissioned by Tripwire and carried out last month by Dimensional Research found that 93% of security professionals were concerned that human error could result in the accidental exposure of their cloud data. Despite their concern over […]

Many Second Hand Phones Are Sold with Security Vulnerabilities

A substantial proportion of second hand mobile phones are vulnerable to being hacked due to not being supported by important security updates, an investigation by Which? has found. The analysis centered around three popular mobile phone retailers: SmartFoneStore, Music Magpie and CeX. The worst affected was CeX, where nearly a third (31%) of phones sold […]

Cloud Breaches Set to Grow in “Velocity and Scale”

Cloud breaches are likely to increase in “velocity and scale” due to a prevalence of poor cybersecurity practices in cloud configurations that are creating exposures. This is according to the most recent The State of DevSecOps report by Accurics, which assesses cloud configuration practices that lead to breaches. The study found that 93% of cloud deployments analyzed contained […]

Malware Attacks Exploiting Machine Identities Double

The number of commodity malware campaigns exploiting machine identities doubled between 2018 and 2019, according to new research. The rapid increase in this particular type of cyber-scourge was unearthed by threat analysts at Venafi, who gathered data on the misuse of machine identities by analyzing security incidents and third-party reports in the public domain. Among the attacks […]