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easyJet Says Details of Nine Million Customers Accessed in Data Breach

easyJet has revealed that the personal data of approximately nine million of its customers has been accessed following a “highly sophisticated” cyber-attack on its system. This includes credit card details of a small subset of these customers (2208), with the airline confirming it has already taken action to contact and offer support to those individuals. For […]

The Fort of Cyber Security – What is Data Encryption?

Encrypt your data before the Hackers do it for you… What exactly is Data Encryption? Encryption helps protect data you send, receive and store using any device. Including text messages, emails on your desktop, phone calls, banking information and most importantly, password logs. It works in a simple manner, by scrambling the readable text so […]

Ransomware Costs Could Reach $70m

IT services giant Cognizant has admitted that a ransomware attack it suffered back in April may end up costing the company as much as $70m. The firm announced revenue of $4.2bn for the first quarter of 2020, an increase of 2.8% year-on-year. In this context, the $50-70m hit it expects to take in Q2 from the ransomware attack will […]

Data Breach Exposes Four Million Dating App Users

Almost four million users of a popular Android dating app have had their personal and log-in data stolen by hackers, according to Risk Based Security. The security vendor said it found the data on a prominent hacking forum — now free for anyone to access, although it had been previously up for sale. It’s associated with […]

The Fort of Cyber Security – What is Malware?

The existence of Malware is to cause chaos, don’t invite it into your Business What exactly is Malware? Malware is a contraction of malicious software. The pieces of software that are specifically designed with the intent of causing damage to devices, the aim of stealing private data or to simply cause destruction and chaos. Often […]

Remote Workers Failing on Password Security

Remote workers may be exposing their personal and business accounts to the risk of takeover because of poor password security, according to new studies released on World Password Day. The annual event exists to remind users of the importance of using strong, unique credentials – ideally in combination with multi-factor authentication (MFA) – and storing them […]

Public Sector Ransomware Attacks Rage On

To pay or not to pay continues to be the question as ransomware targets cities, even amid COVID-19. To pay or not to pay? That is the question many public-sector organizations must grapple with when faced with a complex ransomware attack – even while the COVID-19 pandemic rages on around them. Ransomware attacks to municipal, […]

Salt Bugs Allow Full RCE as Root on Cloud Servers

Researchers say the bugs are easy to exploit and will likely be weaponized within a day. The open-source Salt management framework contains high-severity security vulnerabilities that allow full remote code execution as root on servers in data centres and cloud environments. And in-the-wild attacks are expected imminently. According to F-Secure researchers, the framework, authored by […]

The Fort of Cyber Security – What is Ransomware?

How to protect your business against Ransomware What exactly is Ransomware? Ransomware is a form of malicious software. Which locks and encrypts your computer or device data, then demands a ransom to restore your access. The cybercriminal uses your own information against you, the files are still on your computer, however, they’re all encrypted and […]