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Many Second Hand Phones Are Sold with Security Vulnerabilities

A substantial proportion of second hand mobile phones are vulnerable to being hacked due to not being supported by important security updates, an investigation by Which? has found. The analysis centered around three popular mobile phone retailers: SmartFoneStore, Music Magpie and CeX. The worst affected was CeX, where nearly a third (31%) of phones sold […]

Cloud Breaches Set to Grow in “Velocity and Scale”

Cloud breaches are likely to increase in “velocity and scale” due to a prevalence of poor cybersecurity practices in cloud configurations that are creating exposures. This is according to the most recent The State of DevSecOps report by Accurics, which assesses cloud configuration practices that lead to breaches. The study found that 93% of cloud deployments analyzed contained […]

Malware Attacks Exploiting Machine Identities Double

The number of commodity malware campaigns exploiting machine identities doubled between 2018 and 2019, according to new research. The rapid increase in this particular type of cyber-scourge was unearthed by threat analysts at Venafi, who gathered data on the misuse of machine identities by analyzing security incidents and third-party reports in the public domain. Among the attacks […]

Tackle your business challenges head on – With Microsoft Kaizala

“I wish there was a way to moderate instant messaging among my staff.” If you’d like greater oversight and control over mobile chat in your business, then Microsoft Kaizala could be just what you’ve been looking for. Struggling with staff coordination and communication? The proliferation of mobile devices in today’s work environment has enabled the […]

Analysts Detect New Banking Malware

A new strain of banking malware dubbed BlackRock has been detected by researchers at Threat Fabric. An investigation into its origins has revealed BlackRock to be derived from the Xerxes banking malware. Xerxes was in turn spawned out of the LokiBot Android banking Trojan, first detected around four years ago. The source code of the Xerxes malware […]

Password Reuse to Blame for Fifth of Account Takeovers

Email account takeover (ATO) attacks often last for over a week and result from employees reusing passwords across multiple sites, according to new research from Barracuda Networks. The security vendor teamed up with researchers at UC Berkeley to study the lifecycle of email ATO attacks, examining 159 compromised accounts across 111 organizations. The study revealed […]

Home Distractions a Major Cause of Cybersecurity Errors During Lockdown

Nearly half (43%) of UK and US employees have made errors leading to cybersecurity repercussions, according to a new study from Tessian. The analysis, undertaken in April during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, suggests that the disruption and additional stress and distractions of remote working are making organizations more vulnerable to cyber-attacks facilitated by human […]

Cybercrime Jumped 23% Over Past Year

Cybercrime offenses reported by individuals and businesses have risen 23% over the past year, according to the Office for National Statistics (ONS). The UK government body explained that 26,215 incidents were referred to the National Fraud Intelligence Bureau (NFIB) by Action Fraud in the year ending March 2020. The year-on-year increase was driven by a […]