The Fort of Cyber Security – What is Data Encryption?

Encrypt your data before the Hackers do it for you…

What exactly is Data Encryption?

Encryption helps protect data you send, receive and store using any device. Including text messages, emails on your desktop, phone calls, banking information and most importantly, password logs.

It works in a simple manner, by scrambling the readable text so it can only be read by the person who has the secret code or decryption key. Providing data security for personal and sensitive information.


Why bother encrypting your data?

Aside from securing your sensitive data, here are the three main reasons to encrypt your data:


Internet privacy concerns are very real – Encryption is a key part of securing outgoing and inbound data, making sure the information you send out isn’t readable let alone viewable by anyone other than the intended recipient. Encrypt every single message.

Hacking is no longer a hobby, it’s a big business – Cybercrime is a professional, global enterprise. Large-scale breaches are now demonstrated with ease, purely for the financial gain.

Regulations demand protection – Depending on the industry, certain acts and regulations now enforce encryption as compliance in securing public data & information held and distributed online.

Never underestimate the importance of securing your data; whether it’s from a backup perspective, or from the very beginning. All it takes is one intercepted email and your data could be breached within hours.


How do you encrypt data?

Data Encryption is the method of taking plain, readable text, like a text message or email, then scrambling it into an unreadable format — called “cypher text.” Helping protect the confidentiality of online data either stored on IT systems or transmitted over a network.

When the intended recipient acquires the message, the information is translated and reverted back to its readable form, otherwise known as decryption. Usually, in order to gain access to the message, both the sender and the receiver have to use a ‘secret encryption key’, being a collection of algorithms that scramble and unscramble data back to its original form.

There are multiple types of encryption, each designed with unique requirements and security measures in mind.


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