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VoIP Systems Advantages

VoIP Communications Systems Advantages

Information has become key to doing business, and communication and collaboration tools are now a vitally important part of company infrastructure.

Advances in communications technology over recent years have made it easier, faster and cheaper to connect with employees and customers than ever before. And this phenomenon is allowing companies to grow at an unprecedented rate.

One of the most important developments is without question VoIP telephony.

Key VoIP advantages

VoIP technology has several key benefits over traditional telecommunications systems including:

  • Cost – VoIP calls are considerably cheaper than tradition phone services, and in many situations call are actually free. Calling from one VoIP system to another comes at no cost, as the call is carried over your existing internet infrastructure, as opposed to a separate phone line. VoIP fees for international calls are also very attractive compared to traditional operators, allowing you to connect more easily with customers in new markets.


  • Data and analytics – VoIP systems make it easy to track details about incoming and outgoing calls, such as number and frequency of calls, and call duration. This is really useful for analysing things such as the performance of call centre staff or sales teams. Are they hitting the required number of calls each day and what is the average call duration?


  • Integration with other systems – VoIP can be integrated into other business systems, such as CRM, vastly increasing the functionality of both systems. The CRM could then log the number of times each client has been called, or prompt employees to contact customers that have not been contacted for a certain length of time.


  • Mobility – As VoIP functions over the internet rather than a fixed telephone line, you can take your phone number with you wherever you go. This is great for employees who work flexibly between the office and home, or who travel frequently.


  • Productivity – Many of the features mentioned above translate into better employee productivity, enabling them to get more done in the same period of time. The “click to dial” feature is a great example, saving employees from having to key in individual phone numbers.

For more information on how VoIP could help to transform your business, don’t hesitate to get in touch.