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IT Project Management: Planning for Digital Growth

IT Project Management for Growth

 Technology is now the undeniable cornerstone of every modern business and planning for the future means investments in systems upgrades to support your business growth.

While crafting an IT strategy can be difficult, following through on execution is even more of a challenge. However, effective project management helps you to stay close to the budget and time plan ensuing you get as near to your vision as possible.


Crafting your IT Strategy

Your IT project strategy should be a living document that outlines the role of technology in realising the business goals. This will include building any future capability as required, but also investing in upgrades and maintenance to make sure systems are up and running as and when they are needed.

The strategy should include a long-term vision for how you see technology evolving in your organisation. This can then in broken down in to a series of systems upgrades that help you realise your vision.

Some of the key things you will need to take into account as part of this strategy include:

  • Cloud systems – On premise infrastructure and software is being used less and less, with companies instead using cloud services like AWS. This can be a cultural shift for some organisations, moving from a CAPEX to OPEX model for IT financing.
  • Scalability – Will your existing systems scale to meet the demands of your growing business or customer base? How would you cope with a sudden surge in custom? These are questions that you should look to address, identifying where you are most likely to have problems, and articulating how you would overcome any scalability challenges.
  • Futureproofing – You don’t want to overinvest, or become overly reliant on a particular piece of technology today if you know it will be replaced in the short-term. You should look to build systems that will be able to adapt to future developments in technology, without needing to be fully revised.

IT Project Management

Each IT project helps you move towards the vision as set out in your IT strategy. Tight management of the various stakeholders for each project as well as budget and scope, will ensure you meet your mile-stones.


  • Scope – Altering the scope mid-way through a project can have a disastrous effect. A big part if project management is agreeing up front what needs to be delivered, and not letting resources be distracted away from this.
  • Time – Project management creates a sense of urgency which ensures that things are delivered on time. It also seeks to find solutions to potential challenges that would slow the project down.
  • Budget – You can’t afford to overspend on everything technology project that you implement. Project management helps you to look ahead at the milestones for various projects and make sure that any risks that are likely to cause costly slippages are highlighted and resolved.

For more information on IT project management and how it can help you achieve your long term strategic goals, don’t hesitate to get in touch and speak to one of our experts.