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The Importance of Effective PC and Server Support

The backbone of any organization’s operations in the 21st century is based upon a foundation of strong IT. However, whilst a series of desktop PCs may initially be enough for your business, the growth that you aspire to means that change will be inevitable. In particular, upgrading from individual PCs to a networked infrastructure such as servers is crucial.

Due to the technical expertise required to work with servers and server support involved, it’s important that you start working with a network support team.

Do I Need A Server For My Small Business?

Installing a networked infrastructure brings a myriad of benefits to your organisation. Files can easily be shared between different users, remote access opens up a much wider reach for your business operations and the ability to share hardware between users is easier than ever before. And good network support can facilitate this by:

  • Building a Network That Works: The complexities behind a PC network are immense, so it’s vital that they’re built by a team who know exactly what they’re doing. This, in turn, provides you with a fully functioning network and minimises down time.
  • Providing Network Support: With the amount of activity that takes place on a server it’s unavoidable that errors will occur. However, with a network support team who are highly experienced in the intricacies of servers, you’ll find that any issues can be resolved quickly.
  • Ensuring the Network is Secure: Hacking is a major threat to businesses due to the large quantities of data at risk and the danger of damaging productivity. Peace of mind over the security of your server, therefore, is paramount. The best way to achieve this is by working with a network support team who can guarantee the security of your server.

Growth to your IT infrastructure doesn’t just stop at your servers, it also means significant upgrades to your hardware and software. Both of which need a significant amount of expertise to support.

Hardware and Software Support

From data storage solutions through to updating software through the installation of patches, it’s critical that your hardware and software is supported correctly. With an excellent support team in place you can be certain of the following:

  • Productivity is Secured: Your productivity can feel the bite of poorly supported hardware and software almost instantly. If, for example, your data storage fails then your organisation can seriously struggle to operate. However, if your hardware is properly supported then this disruption can be resolved quickly.
  • Software Updates Installed Correctly: One of the biggest threats to IT security is the failure to install software updates and patches quickly. IT support teams, however, understand the danger this brings and will strive to install these fixes.
  • Remote Troubleshooting: Thanks to advances in technology, IT support for your hardware and software can be executed from any location. This allows your business to receive instant remote support at any time of the day from your IT support team.

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