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VoIP Phone System Advantages

VoIP Phone Advantages

In an increasingly competitive world, it is important that your business stays up to date with the latest technologies to empower your employees and surpass your competition.

Due to the global nature of many businesses today, communication has become a vital part of how we work, but it doesn’t come without costs and challenges.

VoIP  or  Voice over Internet Protocol

Has become a popular way to reduce the cost of telephony and improve communication between teams around the world.

VoIP works by converting voice calls into data, and transmitting them over the internet, as opposed to the standard telephone networks.

In practical terms, you have two options for implementing VoIP for your business:

  • Use your PC as a phone – Simply by installing VoIP software on your PC, and using a headset and a microphone, you can start to use your PC like a phone
  • Have a dedicated VoIP phone – Alternatively you can have dedicated VoIP phone hardware, which looks and feels like a normal fixed line phone, but actually connects to the internet via your PC.

People traditionally associate VoIP technology with cheap calls, but it also allows you to do a whole host of things that you wouldn’t be able to do with a traditional phone line.

Benefits of VoIP systems

The nature of VoIP means that it has many benefits over traditional telephony services, including:

  • Portable – As your phone connects over the internet, you can use the same number wherever you have internet access
  • Multimedia – For no extra cost, you can make video calls, send instant messages or Fax using VoIP technology.
  • Integration with applications – VoIP phones can be connected to your computer systems and integrated with any number of other applications. Linking to CRM systems can be effective for logging calls and enabling “click to call” functionality.
  • Cost – Making VoIP to VoIP calls is free, and even calls to other landlines are typically much cheaper. For international call, you will connect via the internet to a local hub in that country, and then only pay local call rates to connect to the fixed telephone line.

What can VoIP Phone systems affect your business?

VoIP communications platforms can truly revolutionise the way businesses work, It can be particularly good for:

      • Mobile workforce – The portability of VoIP means that you can effectively take your number with you when you are travelling, allowing you to make and receive calls from the same number as if you were at home.
      • Multinational organisations – Global organisations with offices spread out across the world can dramatically reduce the cost of these various office communicating by making sure they are call set up with VoIP telephony. In this scenario calls would be free as they are VoIP to VoIP
      • Collaborative teams –Collaborative teams spread out over a few different locations can make use of the different forms of communication that come as standard with many VoIP platforms, for example video calls, or the ease of sharing files via instant messenger.

Hosted VoIP

Any business or team that has high call volumes benefits from VoIP and its capability to easily integrate with other applications. Hosted VoIP systems easily allow you to monitor statistics like call volumes, lengths etc. so you can analyse the performance of your teams. You can also include features like automatically logging calls on client records.

Installing a VoIP telephony system could revolutionise the way your business communicates, while reducing your costs at the same time. If you’re thinking about an upgrade, make sure you bear VoIP in mind.

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