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IT Project Management in the Digital Age

We live in a digital age where good IT structures are crucial for organizations who want to remain productive and keep one step ahead of the competition. Even the smallest margin of quality in terms of your IT capabilities can make a huge difference, so concentrating your resources and efforts on enhancing your IT outlook […]

Protecting Your Business with Cyber Essentials Qualification

Without the amazing benefits and capabilities provided by IT, modern business would look very different. Accordingly, the need to protect your organisation’s IT equipment such as networks, data storage systems and workstations should be a major priority. You only have to take a quick look at the technology headlines to see that hacking makes for […]

Cloudscape IT shortlisted in Southwark Business Excellence Awards

The Southwark Business Excellence Awards will once again acknowledge outstanding  businesses in the borough. The awards celebrate and promote the area’s many business success stories and highlight the entrepreneurs who help to bring prosperity to the area and have attracted a remarkable range of entries from outstanding firms including many that are world leaders in their field. Cloudscape […]

Managing An Office IT Move

Engineering the Perfect IT Relocation The need to expand is a sure sign that your business is heading in the right direction, but expansion brings with it a series of logistical and operational challenges. And, given the importance of IT in modern business, it should come as no surprise that migrating your IT operations is […]

How Does Hosted VoIP Work

What is Hosted VoIP? Communication systems have always, and will always, be crucial components of any successful business, so it’s important that organisations keep in touch with any related tech developments. And, when it comes to phone technology, hosted Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) has steadily been gaining traction in the business market for the […]

IT support for PCs and Servers

The Importance of Effective PC and Server Support The backbone of any organization’s operations in the 21st century is based upon a foundation of strong IT. However, whilst a series of desktop PCs may initially be enough for your business, the growth that you aspire to means that change will be inevitable. In particular, upgrading […]

Managed IT Support Services in the UK

What is managed IT service? IT is such a crucial part of the modern business landscape that even the smallest businesses struggle to operate without some form of IT infrastructure. Technology, of course, can be highly complex and a certain level of expertise is required to get the best out of it. IT Support for […]

What is a spear phishing attack?

What is Spear Phishing? Spear phishing has been present in the digital landscape for over 20 years, but it’s only in the last 10 years that it’s started making headlines. Primarily using email to deliver its malicious payload, spear phishing presents a very real and current threat to any business with an email account. Key […]

Cyber Security in the Office

Cyber Security Tips For Employees We live in a digital age where computers are crucial for any forward thinking business, but this landscape is one that’s blighted by cyber attacks such as ransomware and malware. Combatting this is important, but instilling a good cyber security culture in the office is even more important. All of […]

Online Back-up: How not to Back-up and How to get it right

What is online backup? Online backup means to save data from your computer hard drive to a remote server or computer using a network or online connection. Online backup systems make use of the Internet and cloud technology to provide remote data storage solution with minimal hardware requirement. Data is the lifeblood of many modern businesses and vast swathes […]